Info 5th Edition of the ‘Sail the Way’ Crossing

Here you have all the information about Sail the Way 2020, if you need any clarification, do not hesitate to contact us.

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What is Sail The Way?

A new way of doing the way of Saint James. Every road has a beginning, an origin and this is in the sea.

Just like on foot, by bike or on horseback, the Way of Saint James can be done continuously throughout the year and is already printed as your official credential.

Every year North Marinas organizes a group trip to publicize this new pilgrimage by sea.

Where do I get the credential to do it on my own?

In any port of the Sail The Way network that includes:

  • La Rochelle. Port La Rochelle.
  • Hondarribia. Puerto de Hondarribia.
  • Donostia. Puerto de Donostia.
  • Orio. Puerto de Orio.
  • Getaria. Puerto de Getaria.
  • Mutriku. Puerto de Mutriku.
  • Getxo. Puerto El Abra.
  • Santurzi. Puerto de Santurzi.
  • Bermeo. Puerto de Bermeo.
  • Laredo. Real Club Náutico de Laredo.
  • Santander. Marina de Santander.
  • Lastres. Puerto de Lastres
  • Gijón. Marina Yates del Principado.
  • Viveiro. Marina Viveiro.
  • A Coruña. Marina Coruña.
  • Muxía. Marina Muxía.
  • Muros. Marina de Muros.
  • A Pobra do Caramiñal. Marina da Pobra.

¿En qué fechas es la V Travesía Navega el Camino?

We are preparing ‘Sail the Way 2020‘, dates to be determined.

where does the journey begin?

The official start of this pilgrimage is the Port of La Rochelle if leaving from France and Hondarribia if leaving from Spain.

You can start from any stage up to Camariñas, which will be the last one where you can integrate participants.

Is there a registration deadline?

Given the physical limitations of the marinas and infrastructures where the crossing stops, a limit of 35 boats is set.

Is it compulsory to carry out all the stages?

No, you can start from any stage prior to Muxía, the last point where you can integrate participants of the crossing.

How long is the crossing?

The We are preparing ‘Sail the Way 2020‘, dates to be determined. We are preparing ‘Sail the Way 2020‘, dates to be determined.

Who can participate in Sail The Way?

Anyone of any age and condition who has the illusion of doing the Camino de Santiago in a different way.

How can I participate in the Traverse Sail the Way?

If you have your own boat or a family member or friend who registers for the crossing and allows you to go as a crew member.

If you do not have your own boat, you can contact charter companies such as:

Or in boat sharing platforms like:

What is the registration fee?

Registration varies depending on the departure location of the participating boat and the number of crew members on board.

These are the fares for the IV Sail the Way 2019 Tour

Puerto salida€ Barco€ Persona
La Rochelle350 €100 €
Hondarribia325 €100 €
Bermeo300 €100 €
Ría de Bilbao275 €100 €
Laredo250 €100 €
Santander225 €100 €
Lastres200 €100 €
Gijón175 €100 €
Cudillero150 €100 €
Burela150 €100 €
Viveiro150 €100 €
Cedeira150 €100 €
A Coruña150 €100 €
Camariñas150 €100 €
Empresas charter y lista 6ª+150 €

What does the registration include?

  • 2 days mooring in La Rochelle prior to departure.
  • 2 days mooring in Hondarribia before departure.
  • The moorings of all stages during the crossing.
  • Ships with base mooring in Northmarinas partner ports will enjoy the multi mooring rate 50% discount in transit.
  • Merchandising (T-shirts, flags…).
  • RC Insurance Organization.
  • Attendance at events and receptions.
  • Guide of organization of the crossing.
  • Cultural visits and buses.

How can I register for the Tour?

Make sure you have made the payment by bank transfer according to the current rates:

  • Deposit account number (Abanca): ES65 2080 1092 3230 4000 4989
  • Beneficiary: North Marinas
  • Concept: Place of departure / Name of ship / Number of crew members
  • Example: La Rochelle – Batuxo – 5 mem.) = 350€ (Departure Hondarribia) + 100€ x 5 = 500€ (Crew) TOTAL = 850€

Next, fill in the following form with the data of boat, skipper and crew.

In the event that the number of final crew members is not clear on the day of registration, the registration procedure will also be carried out to reserve the boat with the number we know at the time, after which the remaining payment for the total number of crew members on board will be formalised prior to the start of the voyage.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions. You can also call us at the following telephone numbers +34 881 920 482 or +34 670 405 446

Once received the data of the form and checked the transfer, the boat will be registered and confirmed via email.

The deadline for registration was 30 June 2019.
We are preparing ‘Sail the Path 2020’, dates to be determined.

How do I get my boat to the port of departure?

Participants who do not have their boat at the starting point of their stage will have one day’s courtesy stay in the ports that make up the crossing to transfer their boat.

In addition, if necessary, North Marinas has a bag of skippers who offer boat transfer services.

How do I get back to my home port?

The return trip is free, the crossing ends on July 29th and each participant decides what to do with their boat.

In previous experiences we have been able to see that a large number of participants take advantage of the opportunity to leave their boats in the Galician estuaries and enjoy sailing on the water for a while, others return slowly enjoying the towns and ports they have known during the voyage and finally those who have to return to their working lives make the return immediately; the latter are put in contact with each other so that the return or part of it is accompanied by them.

As before the start of the return journey, participants will have one day’s courtesy stay in the ports that make up the journey to transfer their boat.

Can I get a charter boat to do it with my friends?

If you do not have your own boat, you can contact charter companies such as:

Or in boat sharing platforms like:

Are you looking for a boat as a crewman?

At this point we have to differentiate two crew members:

  • The one who offers his services as a sailor / skipper / crew member / companion and who is willing to share the costs of the voyage with the shipowner.
  • The one who is looking for a charter boat where he can make the crossing without the cost of renting it being too high for him.

In either case, contact the organization for guidance or help in making their wishes come true.

You can also use shared navigation platforms such as:

Can I make the crossing at another time?

Yes, in fact the intention of Navega el Camino / Sail The Way is to open a permanent waterway to be able to do the Camino de Santiago at any time.

You can pick up your badge (one per crew member) at any of the marinas in the North Marinas network and stamp it during the journey.

Remember that you must complete at least 100 nautical miles and a last stage on foot to receive your Compostela when you arrive in Santiago.

Need Crew?

Each year a new bag of sailing enthusiasts is created who are willing to share the costs of the voyage and enjoy the experience.

In case you need a crew or simply want to enjoy company, let the organization know and we will put you in contact with those registered in our crew bag.

You can also use shared navigation platforms such as:

How do I get my Compostela?

To obtain the Compostela, an official diploma issued by the Cathedral of Santiago that certifies the completion of the pilgrimage, it is necessary to complete at least 100 nautical miles and a last stage on foot..

In the same way that on the Road by land, it will be obligatory to present a credential with the official stamp of departure from a port of the North Marinas network, the rest of the stamps brothers-in-law during the road and the stamp of Monte do Gozo from where one must go down to the cathedral on foot to fulfill the complete pilgrimage.

Sail the Way is an initiative of North Marinas, the group of the best marinas in northern Spain.