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5TH Edition of the ‘Sail the Way’ Crossing

Come and SAIL the Way of Saint James with us

From 14 to 29 august 2020

An exciting alternative to the traditional Way.

A cultural and sports meeting. Choose your departure port, this year (because of covid-19 restrictions) from Hondarribia to Santiago de Compostela, a maximum of 9 stages, 15 days sailing plus a final day on foot.

Adventure and fun, all in perfect safety conditions and with a complete organization concerned about every detail.

There's not much left!









Since Bishop Godescalco (the first documented pilgrim, around 950), and later the legendary Duke William of Aquitaine, went on pilgrimage to Santiago in the 12th century, the most of the millions of Jacobean pilgrims in the world have done the Way on foot, mainly following the French Way.

However, the reality is that the first Way was made by sea, and this was done by the disciples Theodore and Athanasius bringing the body of St. James the Apostle, according to tradition, in a “stone boat”.


Can you imagine?



Have no doubt


Live the adventure!

Requirements for obtaining the Compostela Pilgrim’s Certificate

The ‘Compostela’ is the official document certifying that the holder has made the pilgrimage to the tomb of the Apostle Saint James.

The voyage between the ports of departure and arrival must be made by sailboat. Sailors must complete a minimum of 100 nautical miles. In keeping with the spirit of the Way, the last 10 kilometres before reaching the Cathedral must be made on foot.

The offices for stamping the credentials (the Pilgrim’s Passport) will be located in all the ports included in the Northmarinas network:

La Rochelle

Port La Rochelle


Puerto de Hondarribia


Puerto de Donostia


Puerto de Orio


Puerto de Getaria


Puerto de Mutriku


Puerto de Bermeo

El Abra - Getxo

Puerto El Abra

El Abra - Getxo



Puerto de Santurtzi


Real Club Náutico de Laredo


Marina de Santander


Marina Yates del Principado


Marina Viveiro


Asociación El Camino Inglés

A Coruña

Marina Coruña


Marina Muxía


Marina de Muros

A Pobra do Caramiñal

Marina da Pobra

Vilanova de Arousa

Marina Arousa

Vilagarcía de Arousa

Marina Vilagarcía

Interview 'Gente viajera' | Onda Cero Radio

North Marinas team

Pedro Fernández

Pedro Fernández

Merchant Marine. Responsible for Marina Muros. 10 years experience in nautical sports.
Lorena Cenamor

Lorena Cenamor

Responsible for 11 years of marketing, press and communication. North West Marinas.
Federico Fernández-Tapia Fontán

Federico Fernández-Tapia Fontán

Director Marina Yates Gijón. Professional sailor. Secretary of North Marinas. Coordinator of nautical events. 15 years of experience.
Jesús Gonzalez-Aller Lacalle

Jesús Gonzalez-Aller Lacalle

Manager North West marinas. Commander of the Spanish Navy. 35 years of experience in the Sea.
Rosario Medina

Rosario Medina

Her whole life dedicated to education and teaching in one of the best schools in Spain, businesswoman Colegio Santa Apolonia Santiago de Compostela.
Fernando Medraño

Fernando Medraño

Manager Marina Viveiro. Experienced navigator and coordinator of nautical sports activities.
Ignacio Mesones

Ignacio Mesones

Businessman with 30 years of experience in the nautical sector, architect and developer of Marina Santander.
Oriol Ruiz Cabestany

Oriol Ruiz Cabestany

Manager EKP / Hondarribia. Judge of the Spanish Sailing Federation. 35 years of experience in sports sailing.
Patricia Alcubilla

Patricia Alcubilla

Terrestrial coordinator of the Sail the Way crossing
Sail the Way is an initiative of North Marinas, the group of the best marinas in northern Spain.